Basel Museum's Night

Exhibition Design


Under the theme of manipulation the project presented the visitors with 4 unmodified projections of controversial or censored posters. The posters were used in their original form and uncensored. However the projection of the posters was one-second long followed by 13 seconds of pause. In knowing that the images have to do with censorship but not being able to clearly see them, the posters become censored in the oberser‘s mind who manipulates them according to his own expectations of censorship.

The students of the MA in Visual Communication and Iconic Research (HGK FHNW) were invited to create small interventions within the already existing exhibition from the Basler Plakatsammlung.

With the support of Schule für Gestaltung and Basler Plakatsammlung auf der Lyss.

november 2014 - december  2014

exhibition design: ioana maria mitrea, laura tolomelli, max rueck, hala al-ani, natalia reichert

coordinator: alexandra schüssler

fotos: a. estermann, w. mes

plakat: k. eremenko


© 2016 Ioana Mitrea