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Photography & Information Design

school project/ september 2014 - january  2015

photography / information design

tutor: marion fink


An album of photos ranging from analog to digital, taken with different kinds of cameras, from professional ones all the way to pin-holes and mobile phones. The photos are printed with different techniques and paper, in an attempt to recreate the feeling that each camera leaves on the photographer. Joint together in an album, an infographic is accompaning each picture, measuring objective memories ( focal lenght, ISO, shutter speed), but also subjective ones (like memories attached to it).

The final product: an album with inserted photographs printed with different techniques on different types of paper, according to the camera they were made with. Analog photography was developed and enlarged in the dark room on photo paper, while i-phone pictures were printed on very thin paper on a laser-printer. Color film photography was printed on high quality photo-paper.


Each photography is accompanied by their own info-graphic, measuring both objective and subjective memories. Subjective memories include the assessment of the difficulty level required in handling the camera but also words associated with the moment that was immortalized. Objective memories include the type of camera, focal length, ISO, shutter-speed but also the time needed for taking the picture as well as post-processing it.



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